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Campus friends left me in police cell after drinking

Campus friends left me in police cell after drinking

When I was a first-year, I did not know anyone in my university and being an introvert, I felt kind of lonely for the first few weeks. As much as people say introverts don’t like socialising, we prefer to hear people talking rather than talk ourselves and add little in the conversation.

I met a guy called Daniel after a few months in a place we used to buy alcohol since we had worn almost the same outfit. Being in the same campus of the university, we met and our friendship was easily forged. I liked how he would tell stories and he liked how I would give him important advice on various issues.

Soon, we were best friends and the university semester was almost coming to an end. At that time, most students are usually busy with preparing for exams but we were preoccupied with something else. My birthday was the weekend before the exams began and we were thinking of how best to celebrate it.

We had a close-knit group of friends but we couldn’t seem to agree on a plan for my big day. The sad thing about campus students is that they plan for big things but do not have the money to accomplish what they want. Some wanted a road trip, others suggested going for ziplining while others wanted us to celebrate in a club. I and Daniel had other ideas. We wanted to visit a strip club.

We told the other guys of our plan and there was barely anyone who said no. They all thought it was a good idea since no one had been there. My big day arrived and I was elated. My WhatsApp was blowing up with ‘happy birthday’ messages and many people were calling me to wish me a good day. Time flew by fast and night time arrived. My friends and some girls came to my hostel and they had come with alcohol so that we would pregame before we went out.

We had a drinking game that involved cards and after some time, we were all drunk and ready to hit the strip club. We were a group of about 16 guys and so we divided ourselves into three groups so that we would not raise any suspicion to policemen as we made our way to town.

My group was to go first and since Daniel knew a strip club he had been told by his friends, we followed his lead. We were soon in downtown in a deserted street and he told us we had arrived. He knocked on a door and after about a minute, a big guy, presumably the bouncer, came and searched for contrabands on us. He demanded for IDs and to my dismay, I had left mine in school. I had to bribe him to get myself inside.

We were told there was a VIP entry for 1000/= and the normal entry for 50/= and we each paid for the latter. By this time, it was around 1:00 am and things had already started heating up. We were loving what we were seeing and had already seen a nice spot where we would sit so that we would enjoy our night.

Suddenly, there was a commotion and screams in the club, and before we knew it, the police had swarmed the place. Everyone tried running and as I started looking for an exit, the police caught me. My matter was made more difficult by the fact I did not have an ID card on me and they claimed I was a minor from a neighbouring high school.

None of my friends would pick my call and I had to spend the night in a cell. This time, I decided not to call my dad and it was my uncle who came the following day to bail me out, with a stern warning he would not help me in another situation like that.

Since I felt betrayed, I decided to cut ties with all those friends who had abandoned me at my time of need and vowed to complete my next year on a clean slate.

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