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I almost had sex with my sister at a party before recognising her

I almost had sex with my sister at a party before recognising her

Being a teen can either be quite a wonderful experience or a painful one; it all depends on how harsh your parents were. I was an energetic form three student at a local high school, chairing my group of daring friends. On this particular occasion, we had sneaked from school to attend a house party organized by a friend of ours, who happened to the son of our Member of County Assembly.

On our way to the house party, we met a group of youths who had a fantamagorgeous lady in their company. We were invited to have a taste of the locally supplied bhang. Wanting to impress the young lady, I went in to have my share of the roll of bhang.

I stuck the now moist roll of bhang onto my lips and sucked air into the roll. A heavy and moist air filled my cavity and thorax. My throat itched from the dryness of the smoke. I uncontrollably started coughed but they jeered on me. I took repeated puffs till I was consuming it like a professional bhang smoker if there is such a thing.

We arrived at the party and I hurriedly went for a glass of whiskey that had been lying on the dining table. Time went by and my mental consciousness was slowly drifting from me. In no time I was quickly making friends at the party. In my state of confusion, I was pulled aside by a girl I and we were swaying and jiggling our bodies to the smooth hip-hop music that was playing in the background. The disco lights blurred the vision that I was now completely interested in knowing who I was dancing with.

We got too touchy with the lady I was dancing with that my urge to engage in coitus. I tried to control my emotions, but she was in it too. We faced each other and smiled at each other before going in for a kiss. She pulled me to a corridor where we got extremely intimate. I heard some keys drop and a voice says, “get a room.” I picked the keys and opened the nearest door. I locked it and before I could remove the keys, I was dragged and lain on the bed.

What happened afterwards was all new to me but to be honest, that was an enjoyable moment of my life. I was still lying on the bed, completely naked, with the lady cuddled in my arms. I heard the girl’s phone ring and as I picked it to hand it over to her, I had the shock of my life. The number read,’0728****82 – Dad’. I pushed the girl aside and got off the bed taking a look at the girl. I had just had sex with my elder sister.

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