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I gave her my heart while she gave her body to wealthy men

I gave her my heart while she gave her body to wealthy men

We were in high school when it all started. The girl I eyed so passionately, Tam was the name I gave her. Her family owned a milk shop that was largely known and appreciated for its quality products. My father was fond of the fermented milk that her grandfather used to make, thus, I was a regular customer. One day my father sent me to buy him milk and it was indeed a lucky day. I found Tam was in charge of the counter on that day.

We exchanged a couple of ideas on a senseless chat before I headed home, a more determined lad to get to her heart. Her cousin happened to be a friend of mine. He had visited me at our place and on our way to the stage, he requested to borrow my snap back. I lent him the cap, with my intentions being to impress him to get to his cousin. On our way to the stage, he chose to pass by Tam’s place. I bid him goodbye as I did not want Tam to associate him with me.

Later on that week, I asked him to bring me the snap back. He said his cousin had claimed possession of the cap, and the only way I could get it back was to go and get it. We met and headed to his cousin’s place. To my surprise, it was Tam’s place. I was shy and confused to ask Tam to give me the cap back. Instead, I foolishly hit on Tam and pretended as if I was not there for the cap.

We quickly grew fond of each other that we could randomly escort each other to school. I would at times run late to my school simply because I had delegated the duty to myself to walk my Tam to her school. We had come up with our own theme of ‘Together, forever and always.’ We took our commitment to a whole crazy level, that we made blood oaths to see to it we build an empire together.

I finished high school and was called upon to join the KenyaKan University which was located in the capital city, Nairobi. I could arrange on how I could periodically spare some funds and go visit her. Being a student, I was not that financially stable, and on some weekends, the best I could only send my love messages to her. She was still in high school and finished a year after I had joined the University.

She was called upon to join a College, and it is at this stage that I started to learn my life lessons. Tam became too demanding of me to provide for her to levels I did not have the capability. Being young, dumb and foolishly crazed by my obsession of Tam, I at one point gambled my fees of Kshs. 72,000. I lost the bet and could not attend that semester due to lack of fees. Tam lectured me on how I cannot manage to provide for her, then how could I provide for our family.

This state of discomfiture went on for a fairly long time, and I was soon losing my cool. I at one point decided to stalk on Tam to know how it is that I am not providing her with executive material wealth but she is in the possession of very expensive stuff. That was the day I got a shocker of my lifetime. Tam was seeing an elderly male, approximately in the late forties, who owned a Mercedes and was of a stout stature.

I kept my cool until when Tam and I met again and I confronted her concerning that person. She admitted, after several denials, that she has been seeing a number of elderly men to satisfy her financial needs and that she really loves the current man she is seeing. I called off our relationship and bitterly swallowed my pride and cried the pain of my heart. Days went by and one day I was on the verge of committing suicide that one of my friends found me and advised me that there’s more to life.

I am currently a University graduate, in a stable relationship with a lady, I met after my graduation. I do think of Tam and chuckle at how foolish I was to do the things I did. I feel sorry for Tam, because of the fact that she has to live with a guilt that is self-imposed.

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