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I had slept with my lecturer but he failed me anyway

I had slept with my lecturer but he failed me anyway

It was three weeks to the end of the semester exams and I was yet to put together my dissertation proposal. I tried to complete it but it was so messy that one could see no effort had been put in it whatsoever. I had asked for help from everyone I knew but no one was willing to do so without payment: and I was downright broke.

After giving a lot of thought, I came to a decision. I would approach my supervisor and convince him to mark my proposal favourably. After all, I am a really attractive lady and the lecturer in question was well known for giving good grades in return for sexual favours.

I copied his phone number from the notice board at his department office and sent him a text message. Soon we were sexting and sending each other naughty voice notes and pictures. He promised to make sure that I would score an A in my proposal.

We arranged and met at his house the following weekend. We barely exchanged niceties or anything of the sort. It was like a job, so to speak. We had sex, after which he gave me five hundred shillings for my fare and asked me to leave. I felt like a prostitute but I knew that it was worth it.

I was shocked to the core come the following semester when the results were posted. I had scored an E. After everything that I had done; putting my dignity and integrity aside, I had still failed miserably. I tried to come to terms with it but I couldn’t. I felt that the marks were grading my body more than they were grading my work, however bad it might have been.

To make matters worse, the lecturer had severed all contact with me after our encounter. When we met on the corridors of the school, he passed by me like he didn’t know me.

There was nothing left to do now. I was going to come clean to the School Dean and face the consequences of my actions. The only solace I found in my decision was that the lecturer would pay too.

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