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I have Urinary Tract Infections, let me tell you about it

I have Urinary Tract Infections, let me tell you about it

Hi, my name is Rose and I am 20 years old. I want to share my true story just to encourage young women out there who suffer from this candidiasis thing; and also to educate parents who haven’t gone through this experience and are not aware of it at all. I got infected with candidiasis last year November and I wasn’t aware of it until my biology teacher told us to write notes on UTIs.

When I told my boyfriend about it he told me to contact my doctor for consultation. My doctor told me that it is normal for women. One thing I knew is that my doctor had always wished to sleep with me. But I couldn’t recall it at the moment. So he made me distrust my boyfriend whom we’ve loved each other faithfully.  I hurt my man so much by accusing him of cheating on me. I also got hurt so much since I thought that the man I love so much betrayed me.

I was wrong all along. My man decided to prove to me that he is faithful to me as always. We went to a hospital and he said he wants to take a HIV test. I knew he was doing it just to prove that he is not afraid of the results since he was faithful to me. Of course, as expected he was negative. We then went to another doctor and I started my treatment. She told us that she had also experienced it and my doctor wanted to break our relationship.

She said you don’t have to be sexually active to get candida. Now the thing is, when a woman gets candida, she inflects her man as well on sexual intercourse. The good thing about men is that candida symptoms and signs are silent. So they can be comfortable all the time even when infected, unlike women. Though the man has to take the same drugs that you take for him to be free from candida. If he does not take the drugs then each time you make love with him, you will get sick again.

Sadly, that’s what happened to me. I first took the drugs alone, I got well but as we were in the process of buying the drugs for a chemist, we got intimate before he took the drugs. I had to tell my mother about my condition for her to fund me to purchase my medication. I have been a poor observer of my prescriptions, and for this reason, the drugs have failed to work on me.

I am currently ailing for the seventh month running and I am yet to visit a gynaecologist once I get all my savings in place. My mother and elder sister are slowly losing trust in me, as they believe I am sleeping around with men. Candidiasis can be contracted from unhygienic washrooms and not the other way round. I hope other women suffering from this same condition are not undergoing unnecessary scrutiny from their relatives.

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