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I was poisoned by my step-mother and her mother.

I was poisoned by my step-mother and her mother.

I saw them walk into our only bungalow house. My Dad was holding her hand as she sauntered in slowly. She was a short, plumb and brown woman with a matronly look. Her body had adorable curves. For the first time, since the death of my mother, I saw my Dad wear a smile on his face. Though I was young I could tell that a new dawn had come.

My Name is Tony. I’m the only child in my family. I have step – sisters and brothers but I don’t count them as my family members, I call them relatives because of kinship. My biological mother died long ago while I was an infant. Doctors and those who saw me thought I would not survive. It’s all by God’s grace that I’m alive while most of those who doubted my chances of survival are long gone. My mother was ravaged by breast cancer. I’m told she suffered for 5 years moving from Mbagathi hospital, Kenyatta and finally succumbed while in Moi referral hospital. I cry myself a river every time I think about her and how I miss the motherly love, but that’s life. And to each one of us, life is given with a specific span.

So here was a new mother to me, who could be my step mom. I was happy that finally I had someone to call my mother. Most of my friends had their mothers and bragged about how they cooked for them delicious meals, bought them gifts and nice clothes. That hit me hard because I only had my dad, who in most cases was occupied with thoughts I could not fathom. He was always in his world. It was not until this fateful day that I saw him wear a smile on his face. At least I knew that happiness had finally remembered us. I was 11 years old and in class 5. My step mom was reinstated and took up the roles of a wife in a home.

” You stupid brute, you look like your mother! Get up and clean all those dishes! ” hissed my step mom. I had just arrived from school and was helping myself with a cup of tea in our sitting room. I didn’t waste any minute. I stopped everything and executed orders without question. I knew the consequences of uttering a word in regard to such remarks. She was a lioness. Even my Dad could not stage an argument with her. How could Tony, a good-for-nothing lad attempt that?. There’s was no way. I washed the dishes quickly, went into my room and locked the door behind me. I cried myself to sleep. Why did God allow all that to happen to me? I didn’t have anyone to look up for. My Dad could not help out. It’s like this woman had bewitched him because he was always on her side. That day I never took my supper. I woke up early the following day, prepared myself and disappeared to school.

” Welcome my grandson, enjoy your tea. ” said an old woman, who initially was introduced to me as my grandmother. It was on Saturday and my stepmom had taken us to visit her mother (me and my step brother Juma). I was in class 8. That morning my Dad had refused for me to go but my stepmom had insisted. She really wanted me to go and I was happy because I was bored with staying at home every weekend. I took the tea and gulped it down as I watched them exchange pleasantries. She asked about my performance in school, how life was at home and the many things that mothers do ask their daughters. Evening came and we returned back home.

” Dad please help me, I’m dying. Stomachache!! ” These are the last words I remember uttering aloud in my room. The next time I woke up I found myself on a hospital bed. Beside me was my Granny. She was the mother of my biological mother. I had no idea how I came to this hospital. ” Where is my Dad? ” I inquired. “He’s in the police cell, you were diagnosed with food poisoning and they had to be answerable “.answered my Granny.

I remembered the cup of tea and how that old woman had handed it over to me. Did she really mean to poison me? What mistake did I commit to deserve that? I was speechless. That’s how I found myself in my grandmother’s place. I sat for my KCPE exams, passed and joined Friends Kamsinga School. I’m currently at Moi University Pursuing a degree in Medicine. I hope to become an Oncologist someday. I hope to save ailing mothers and give them chance to raise their sons and daughters.

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