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I thought I could get an attachment as soon as I started the hunt

I thought I could get an attachment as soon as I started the hunt

Finding work as a youth is difficult, but finding an industrial attachment is even more challenging. Am not saying the opportunities do not exist, but no one wants to give anything to an unqualified individual at a fee, and that is what our brainwashed minds always think of when seeking attachment, ” will we be paid?”

Recently, my friends and I had just completed out third-year studies, and we were all eager to finally rush-in into employment. We were hopeful, with little knowledge of what actually occurred in the field.

With the fresh minds we had, we woke up quite early, eager, with all our documents ready, and with the best official attires, we could afford. Raw energy, that was what we had, and we were very hopeful, as a matter of fact, we had anticipated that with our good grades, employers would be scrambling for us, as we had been told by our lecturers.

Slowly, we headed towards our first destination, polishing our introductions and checking on each other to ensure our dressing was on fleek. At the entrance, the normal search was conducted and we proceeded to the secretaries desk, nothing could go wrong.

I was the most outspoken, as I am in almost every situation, and immediately went forward and stated our intentions very clearly. With my perfected English, I threw in a bit of flattery here and there, just to show the receptionist what they were getting. She smiled, very beautifully, and then said, “we are not taking attachés”. I was totally taken aback, with no proper response for the lady I thought was an angel a few minutes ago. Not to say that she was bad, but at the moment I could strangle her if I was given the option.

We left the first venue, spirits still high, and not minding what would happen next. We were sure the next place would be better, by far. We went around town, tidied up our shoes a bit, and continued with our hopeful ambitions. The second place was prettier, and we found ourselves cursing the first secretary, silently comparing her to the devil himself. The same routine, a security check, but we did not go past that.

The secretary simply looked at us, the brown envelopes in our hands, and refused to open the door for us. I was just left speechless. I didn’t know what to say, all the energy in me drained away. I did not know what the rest had in mind, but that was it for me for the day, I could not take any more humiliation.

I went and boarded a matatu, ready to go home. At least I had a taste of what actually happened. It had made me stronger, and at that time, I thought I would be mentally prepared for what was to come. But, I wish I knew.

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