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I took her love for granted I lost her for good

I took her love for granted I lost her for good

“When you love someone too much you either get a person for life or get a lesson for life. You have taught me how not to be loved. I still believe in real love though. I believe there’s someone out here who can love me genuinely. Don’t ever miss me. I gotta dust myself, put my broken pieces together and carry on. Thanks a lot, Freddy for everything. ” the message read. ” I don’t regret having accepted you into my life. Thanks for making me be more caring. That was mission successful. Byee.” the end.

April 2018 is when I relocated to Ngara.I used to stay at Kasarani but due to financial reasons, I had to relocate. Rent there was too expensive for me. Besides, I school at the Technical University Of Kenya therefore, catching up with morning classes was a big issue sometimes because of heavy traffic. I thus settled for Bahama Hostels In Ngara.

I was with my classmate Chris when I first came to Bahama Hostel to inquire if there were any empty rooms. As the landlord took us through the rooms was when I saw this lady. She was a tenant in that Hostel. I guess she was coming from the bathroom because she only had a towel on. I couldn’t help but admire her charming body. Her skin tone was chocolate, typical of the Kamba and Kikuyu ladies. I thought I liked her but decided to stick to the mission of that day. I finally selected one room, made payment for that month and made my way out.

I almost collided head-on with a lady at the door as I hurried to exit. It was the same girl I had seen upstairs. ” Hello girl, sorry, I am kind of in a hurry”, I quickly apologized. ” No harm. I understand ” she answered. Her voice was so alluring. I wished she could speak to me some minutes longer. ” Well, thanks. I’m Fredrick. And He’s Chris, you are? ” I requested while surveying her exquisitely constructed body. She was a jewel. Her accent was hard to place. She had no mother-tongue interference. ” Pleasure to meet you guys. I’m Shamical “She answered stretching her hand. We shook hands for a few seconds. I informed her that I’ll be relocating to the same hostel. And with that, we gave each other a parting shot with the hope of seeing each other sooner.

As the pick-up driver offloaded my luggage, Shamical helped me take them upstairs to my new room. She did it as if we had known each for a lifetime. She was very free with me. She helped me arrange the room properly. We finished by noon. “Thanks for your help Shamical. I couldn’t manage it all by myself. Hope you don’t mind us eating lunch together today?” I inquired while looking her straight in the eye. ” You really don’t have to thank me, Freddy. That was just a small task. And no, I don’t mind.” answered Shamical while trying hard to avoid my eyes.

That’s how it all began. I came to learn that Shamical was a student of Law at the University of Nairobi. She was in her second year just as I was. We had so much In common. Things moved really fast until we found ourselves dating. She was a good girl. Being a first born in her family, she was very responsible. She had minimal insecurities. Her parents never failed to call her every day to remind her of the noble family role awaiting her. I saw a wife material in her.

” Darling, Mpesa has texted you,” Shamical told me while I was busy changing into my games kit. We were going out for a bicycle ride at City park that day because it was on a weekend. ” Mpesa? How do you mean.? And what is it saying ?” I asked acting surprised. Is there any message someone can receive from Mpesa other than money? Some things are just hard to understand. ” It’s asking why you ain’t replying it’s messages. Plus it’s saying that it loves you too and asking if it is possible to meet with you today.” she paraphrased the message to me. I felt speechless.

It was Miriam. The girl I met in the hall during our common unit class. She looked nice for a friend with whom I could have sexual benefits. Nothing more. I had told her to wait until I text her back but she couldn’t listen. I had intentionally saved her as ‘Mpesa’ for obvious reasons. I didn’t know what to say next. I had just been busted by my girlfriend.

I really loved Shamical so much and I didn’t want to lose her. Not only because of her beauty but also character. Our relationship had grown so much, and we believed that spending time together could bind us together. That text made Shamical look at me for a very long time. Obviously, she felt betrayed, frustrated and greatly disappointed.

I didn’t know what was in her mind. ” I’m sorry my love. I can explain…. ” even before I finished that statement she was out my room. Slammed the door behind her and went straight to her room. I followed her but she locked me out. She never allowed me any time to explain myself. That evening Shamical packed her things, left them with a neighbour and moved to the University hostels.

I chuckle at the thought of my beliefs that it was fair for me, as a male, to engage in casual sex with other ladies and still love and expect to loyaly loved by my girlfriend.

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