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lost my virginity, got pregnant and contracted HIV at 17 in a week

lost my virginity, got pregnant and contracted HIV at 17 in a week

I could hardly hide my excitement as I boarded the bus home after completing my last KCSE paper. The thought of not waking up to the early morning breeze every day really warmed my heart. I got home later in the day and found my mum eagerly waiting for me.

As was the habit during my school holidays, I secretly used my mom’s phone to contact my boyfriend. Although I had repeatedly rehearsed my speech, I was still trembling. “Hello,” A deep husky voice answered. He had the most musical voice. I actually remember the voice up to date. We arranged for a meeting the following day. He was at home for a holiday and was equally excited that we would meet after a long time. I rushed to my best friend’s home to get advice on how to handle the date which she did give me diligently.

I arrived at the meeting point half an hour earlier than our agreed time. Ezra was tall, dark and very handsome. He had a nice beard which complemented his wide smile. He was in his third year at the university. Every girl in my neighbourhood wanted to be his girlfriend. We talked for hours and I was love-struck more than ever. He invited me over to his house the next Friday for a party. I was so excited that I would be attending my first out of school party.

I borrowed a short dress as recommended by best friend. She helped with some makeup and I could not believe how pretty I looked. I lied to my mum that I was spending the night in our local church for a youth fellowship and she granted me permission to go out. My best friend accompanied me to the party since her boyfriend was also at the party.

The small house was fully packed with loud-deafening music. I did not enjoy it but the thought of partying with my boyfriend made me fail to notice. I had my first sip of alcohol that night. Ezra was by my side the whole time and promised to keep me safe. We danced the whole night. It was a magical moment for me, my fantasies drawing back to the fairy tales I used to read in my earlier ages.

I woke the next day in his bed fully naked, experiencing sharp pain in my genitals and groin. I knew something was wrong but I was too scared to confront him about it. Later that day, he mentioned that we had a beautiful night. He gave me some coffee and took me home. I did not know it then but I had lost my virginity, gotten pregnant and contracted HIV at seventeen years all within a week of leaving high school.

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