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My relationship with Tommy that still hurts

My relationship with Tommy that still hurts

This was the moment I knew I had gotten it all. Deep down my heart, I’ve always yearned for a man good enough who could care for me; love me with all his heart, appreciate my feelings and efforts towards being committed and affectionate to him; and treat me like a royal.

On this fateful afternoon, as I walk down from class, I bumped on Tommy. He was indeed charming, handsome and relatively adorable. Besides being lovely and decent he was also intelligent. With all the confusing affection and interest I had in him, I managed to keep my cool and not publicly announce my desperation. Having met earlier on and introduced each other, we exchanged greetings and walked to the nearest cafeteria as we talked about lectures.

This was turning out to be one of the better meals I had ever had as we satisfied our hunger as we got to know each other on a personal level. Tommy was good at storytelling and it evidently flashed on my then blushing face. I was slowly getting carried away by his charm and it was like the more he talked, the more I felt I was falling in love with my Tommy. It came to our realization that we now had to part ways, and my heart surged in sadness. He opened his arms for a hug and as I was responding, I felt his moist and perfect lips bump into mine. As he waved goodbye, I melted in joy having had an awesome first date.

It became a routine: meeting on weekends and having great fun that included going for picnics and visiting places around the country. We slowly and at the same time quickly grew fond of each other. We occasionally had our differences but I loved how we solved them with such ease, we nicknamed ourselves, ‘the perfect soulmates. We supported each other to the best of our levels. I had deeply etched my emotions on Tommy that I could unconsciously skip classes to be with him. He was appreciative of my efforts to see our love grow and I knew he was the perfect Mr Right I was waiting for.

We were into our fourth month of the relationship and it was at this time that tables turned on us. Tommy could hardly get in touch with me, and when he did he was ever not doing so wholeheartedly. I tried to get Tommy to spare some time so that we could talk about our evidently crumbling relationship, but my efforts bore no fruits. I remained hopeful that one day ‘My Tommy’ would return but I realized late enough that I living a fairy tale love story.

My friends advised me to simply end my relationship and focus on my personal endeavours, but Tommy was my priority endeavour. Tommy became the possessive lover I feared of having. He never gave me my personal space and kept so much to himself. He could occasionally grab my phone, go through all the social mobile applications I had on my phone but day in day out he never found an argument igniter. We could mostly be together but the silence was our main conversation.

One Sunday afternoon Tommy came over to my house, looking uncomfortable but just sat and stared at the signal-less television. I, in turn, became uncomfortable with the environment we had in the house. By chance, my phone rang but as usual, I did not rush to pick it, he did it himself. My phone’s earpiece was spoiled so I was ever forced to put my calls on a loudspeaker. The caller was uttering how I have been silent of late, how he has missed me; all this while, Tommy remained silent. I took the phone from Tommy and continued with the conversation. Tommy was becoming restless and I told the caller to hang up, I would call him later. Tommy moved closer to me and looked at me and asked, “Vivian are you playing me?” I got shocked at this question and timidly responded, “No my love. And why would I do that? I love only you Tommy.” He got back to his seat and periodically glanced at me in disappointment.

I was mentally frustrated by what he had asked me that I uncontrollably started weeping and headed to lay on my bed. Tommy walked to the bed and the next words I heard broke my heart, “Vivian you have been cheating on me and I’m not condoning such behaviour; and for that reason, we have to part ways.” He immediately got up, threw my phone on the bed and walked away banging the door as he left. I tried to get up to chase him but I was in a state of vertigo.

I lay on my bed, crying physically and emotionally. I sobbed hoping for Tommy to walk into my life the following day. A day passed, then another, and another. It was now weeks of me trying to get in touch with Tommy, apologizing for a mistake that had been falsely imposed on me. I sobbed for weeks at the thought of Tommy until my sobbing also became thoughts. I recently saw a picture of another lady posted by Tommy on social media with a caption of how intimate they are. It pains me that my love life had to take an unexplainable end and with all the grief I carry, I hope the other lady shall not undergo such a circumstance.

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