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My uncle was embarrassed on his wedding day.

My uncle was embarrassed on his wedding day.

When I remember the events of that Saturday, I cannot help myself but laugh. Things were all fine and we had not even considered the possibility that something could go wrong. My uncle was to get married to the love of his life and I was really happy for him. His reputation with women was known throughout our area as a person that liked many ladies: seeing him settling down was a welcome sign that he was changing.

On the Friday before the D-Day, we at home had hardly slept since we wanted everything to be perfect. There is also this prestige that comes with planning and catering for marriage for it to be a success. The clothes he was to wear were ironed, the cars washed and all the arrangements checked over and over again. Even the person to deliver the cake was called several times to ensure they did not forget to deliver the cake on time.

I was very happy because this uncle of mine had money and since my family was among the main organizers of that marriage, he really spoilt us. Besides the food and the occasional one thousand note that he would throw in my direction, things were looking very good. When I went to sleep a few hours later I could hardly wait for the moment to eat the cake, wear my new suit, meet other people, and ride the fancy house car that to was saved for only special occasions.

On Saturday we woke up at about 6 am since everything had been prepared and there was no need for the last hour rush. We had a light breakfast and headed to the bride’s place. My uncle’s to- be bride was really beautiful and unlike his other many girls, this one at least had a good reputation. We met her family, picked her and had to part with “something small” as the traditions dictate. We were then accompanied by a procession of cars and motorcycles all the way, while joyful song and dance accompanied all the way to the church.

The church had been decorated and the guests were already gathered there, so after the bridesmaids and the groom’s men walked in, accompanied by their significant others the service started. The two of them looked so happy and their joy spread to the rest of the congregation.

My grandfather was unusually happy since this son of his settling down was a welcome reprieve to the constant nag he had faced a while back from my uncle’s many scandalous affairs. Time for exchanging the vows reached and we were holding our breaths as both of them vowed to live together forever and ever.

There is this phrase ‘If anyone has a reason why these two should not get married speak now or forever hold your peace’. This phrase causes tension and even terror to some and can be correctly termed as a major defining moment in any wedding ceremony. Ten seconds had not passed since the pastor had said those words than two ladies from the back promptly walked to the pulpit.

To cut the long story short, my uncle had gone back to his ways impregnating one lady and having relations with her sister who he had promised to marry instead of his current girlfriend and the mother of his unborn child. The low murmurs that had started when the two ladies walked in turned into noise and chaos when the story broke out. My uncle had not only disappointed himself but also everyone.

The bride’s family were cool at first giving chance for the man to either deny or accept the accusations. The pastor asked him to be as honest as possible since he was in the presence of God and many witnesses. As you and I could guess he was guilty as charged!

My would be in- law’s started walking towards my uncle with fists ready, an angry face and mumbling inaudibly. My family had to intervene to prevent a fight but the damage had already been done. The bride sat by herself on the stairs outside the church crying uncontrollably. My grandfather had since left and the bride’s parents were on their way out as well.

Everyone then left, giving my uncle a dirty look among other things. His actions left everybody without lunch and cake. My mother decided to stay since she believed in the best in people and somebody had to mediate this situation. I went outside and sat by myself not wanting to interfere with the talk of grownups, all the while thinking of how I had not slept over a wedding that had not taken place.

My uncle is unmarried to date and though he claims to have found the light I do not believe him one bit.

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