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Our maid’s affair with milk delivery guy led to her death.

Our maid’s affair with milk delivery guy led to her death.

Living in Nakuru is fun especially when it comes to the living cost. Everything here in Nakuru is cheap from renting, housing, foods and other utilities. However, milk is one of the expensive things and yet we have the best government research centre here for instance. My mother agreed with one of her friend who is a farmer that she could be sending over her farmer to deliver bottles of milk for us.

He was an outgoing lad and we grew fond of him in no time. Little did we know, some of us were growing more fond of him, the maid to be specific. Schools opened and my siblings went back to school. The house chores were relatively heavier for our housemaid, and the lad occasionally offered to help out our maid. Two months down the line, our maid is diagnosed to be pregnant.

On disclosing the news to the lad, he was so shocked and in great denial of the situation. The maid talked to me about her situation and I advised her to hold a lengthy talk with her lover. She heeded my advice and the results were awesome, they had agreed to keep the pregnancy and raise the child together.

One Friday evening our maid went to visit her lover. She came home quite jovial but tired. I offered to help her do her chores as I understood her situation. That day she went to bed early and it had become a trend that she woke up quite late. In the morning, I prepared breakfast for the family.

It became quite odd as she had not woken up hours later. I went into her room to wake her up, only to find a pale, lifeless body lying peacefully on the bed with blood covering her lower abdomen. I informed my parents, who called the relevant authority to take control of the situation. An investigation was carried out, and it revealed that she had died from food poisoning.

Further investigations revealed that her lover, the milk delivery lad, was responsible for the murder. He must have been for the idea of not wanting family related responsibilities at this time and the only way he sought was a murder of the baby, which of course backfired. The couple must have resolved to carry out an abortion. I feel sorry for our maid and her unborn child, they might have made a wonderful family. I hope this doesn’t occur to other individuals.

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