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Story of my life with school fees struggles.

Story of my life with school fees struggles.

Lack of school fees while joining highschool can be such a stressful situation. One can even lose hope of going on with your highschool life. All this ain’t easy to cope up with since all you think of is that you won’t fulfil your dreams. If you are lucky enough being brought up in a family where school fees was not a challenge be grateful for such.

I experienced such after my class eight exams. Working very hard in my primary school life in order to ensure that I was able to get a scholarship that could make me pursue my high school life smoothly. After my class eight exams, I managed to get marks which gave me a chance to join a national school as I had wished there before. Knowing that my parents were not able to raise my school fees for a national school and also shopping for the same I decided to apply for the cooperative bank scholarship since my siblings were also depending on my dad to provide for school fees and other needs, besides, my mum being unemployed.

All went well I was glad finding out that I was shortlisted as one of the candidates who could go for an interview before the final qualifications. Thank God I was successful and secured a chance as a cooperative bank scholar since now my high school life could be that smooth. Time went by and soon, I was off to school, all fee arrears cleared, thanks to God.

Getting into the second term all was in a mess. I took my results to the branch after breaking for the April holiday as I used to and all the manager could tell is just wish me well since they couldn’t sponsor me the following term. All this was because I was from a private school and they didn’t give scholarships to students from private primary school. All I knew was that I could drop out of school the following term due to the financial problem.

So helpless, my dad had always worked hard to ensure we got the best. The only option left was to transfer to a county school but I thank God after explaining my situation to the principal she offered to clear half of my school fees. I was so excited that I could now finish my high school studies well.

Having performed well in my KCSE exams, my relatives offered to give me support for my campus studies. I am glad since soon I’ll be able to fulfil my dream of being a civil engineering technologist and live a happy life, help my parents raise my siblings in their academic progress, all thanks to God.

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