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The risky things I have done for love.

The risky things I have done for love.

Being young and adventurous, I did a lot of things through free will. Occasionally, love made me risk a number of things I now consider unworthy. Sicily, my lovely girlfriend from my high school days called me over to her place. I honestly longed for her and could not turn down her invitation.

The main huddle was that, for us to physically meet I had to be a James Bond; her James Bond. I was forced to sneak to her workplace and keep a low profile for the time I was to spend there, lest I was to compromise her career and our love. Sicily worked as a house help for one of the wealthy businesswoman from our village.

I hastily headed to her residence and shouted our code word by the gate, “Fire in the hole.”  She led me through the fence and I jumped into the mansion through the window. I lazily landed on her bed and my thoughts went wild at once. It was going to be a long love making evening for both of us now that her employer was away on a business trip.

I heard footsteps approaching and started unbuttoning my shirt. But then I heard Sicily’s voice from a different room in the house, I stealthily crawled under the bed and kept my cool, inhaling the dusty air and persevering the cold floor.

A young girl walked in and crawled onto the bed, covering herself and sighing weakly as she faded off to sleep. Sicily walked into the room asking he employer’s daughter why she wasn’t in her room. She innocently said she was scared to sleep on her own in her room, given her mother was not around to keep her company.

I felt sorry for the poor innocent child, but I was angry at the disrupted match making encounter. Sicily tried her best to get in touch with me but the child was not falling asleep. She was repeatedly having nightmare, I accepted my fate and angrily faded off to sleep.

I was woken up by the commotion caused by the children as they prepared to go to school. I made up my mind to simply walk away from that compound and not think of receiving sympathy from Sicily. As soon as the children left for school, I crawled from under the bed and snuck from the compound swearing not to ever do such a thing because of love.

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