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The untold story of my father’s miserable life growing up.

The untold story of my father’s miserable life growing up.

My father was born in one of the most respected and powerful families in Samburu county. His grandfather was a colonial Chief and after serving for almost 30 years he, later on, pass it to his elder son to became his successor.

His grandfather was indeed an able ruler during his term. He settled many disputes, including family disputes, land disputes; but this dispute was rare because the land is communally owned. He also tried his best to reduce cattle raiding which is commonly known to pastoralist community

But not all that glitter is Gold. Life was not that good to him. He was not well taken care of. His Father married 6 wives and he had twelve siblings and getting attention from his father was nearly impossible and his mother, who was the first wife, decided to run away after she was beaten badly she nearly died. She decided to leave my then young father and his younger sister.

Most of the time my father was in the forest herding his father’s cattle and he could sneak to school and attend some lessons, and later in the evening, he could trace the cattle and bring them home. After he reached home he could feed his sister and play with her. Three years later, his sister suffered from pneumonia and passed away and this distracted him and he almost committed suicide but he managed to overcome the pressure.

As usual, he could go herding his father,s cattle and tas it was a dry season, he took his father ‘s cattle and goat very far to search for pasture. One day, while he was miles away, the cattle raiders attacked him and they manage to get away with around 32 cows and 14 goats and luckily my father was not injured so he returned home and report the incidence to his father who was the current chief. His father was so angry he took a spear and stab him on his left ribs. Luckily, the wound was not that fatal so he managed to escape and seek asylum in the nearby manyatta where he sheltered there for days. The family that was living there was so kind they offered him food and water and also treated his wounds.

One lucky day when he was going to fetch water he saw a military recruitment process going on and he came closer to the place and by luck, they only wanted 13 recruits and they had less of one so he was taken in..

9 months later after he went through the training he went home and was told that his father was hospitalized and upon reaching the hospital his father was declared to have passed away. The records have it that his father had asked for his son’s forgiveness if he’d be contacted. The kinship was transferred to my father, who renovated his father’s house and saw to it the family was united and living in perfect harmony.

It has been my father’s resolution that after his experiences growing up, we shall get to have an education to the highest levels there are. And that, the most valuable inheritance we shall get from him is the appreciation of the value of exposure to formal education.

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